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A couple of years ago, National Geographic partnered with FamilyTreeDNA to create a unique global ancestry DNA test called Genographic Project 2.0, otherwise known as “Geno2.0”.

The Genotyping Chip Photograph by Becky Hale National Geographic

The goal of the Genographic Project is to map the ancient genetic history of as many people as possible using a custom DNA test that leverages autosomal, Y-chromosome (paternal) and mitochondrial (maternal) DNA tests.

Unlike “actionable” genealogy tests from FamilyFinder, AncestryDNA and 23AndMe, the objective of Geno2.0 is on understanding your ancient genealogy – not on finding lost relatives or connecting with distant cousins.

Indeed, the Genographic Project is best-in-class at revealing your ethnic makeup and where your ancestors lived 300,000 years ago.

Geno 2.0 ($199) comes with a really slick online platform that’s steeped in story telling and history. You’ll learn a lot about human history from this test – both yours and humanity’s. It’s by far the best test for a history buff.

What I Like Most

  • Cool blend of ancient genetic history and stories about your particular haplogroups/clans. Geno2.0 is unlike anything else. You really learn a lot about your family history.
  • Excellent user interface.  You can use it as-is to present your results in a class or at a family reunion.

Other Good Stuff

  • Best ethnic and ancient ancestry results.
  • Accuracy is on-par with FamilyTreeDNA (who supplies the test service)

Not So Good

  • Spending an extra $100 for DNA information you already get from other tests.

What I Hate

  • Cannot match your DNA to individuals. Not so much hated, as missed. 


Price: $199

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