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dnafit review

DNA Fit Test for Fitness & Diet Plans: My In-Depth Review

DNAFit was one of the earliest companies to provide personalized DNA tests for fitness and diet plans.

Today, they sell two kinds of tests:

  1. Diet Pro for those who want to improve their diet and
  2. Diet Fitness Pro 360 for those who want DNA-based insights into both their diet and fitness.

In this DNA Fit test review, we discuss the Diet Fitness Pro 360 test, one of the best DNA tests for those who want help optimizing their meal plan and fitness routine.… Read the rest >>

fitness genes review

Fitness Genes DNA Test for Fitness & Diet Plans – In-Depth Review

This Fitness Genes review breaks-down the best/worst features of this popular DNA test for fitness and diet plans.

fitness genes review

FitnessGenes analyzes 42 genes to make personalized diet and fitness recommendations.

As a result, their fitness and diet recommendations are very detailed with lots of advice on how to optimize your nutritional intake and workout routine.

Even better, if you’ve already taken a test with AncestryDNA or 23andMe, you don’t have to order the test kit because FitnessGenes accepts a raw DNA data upload from both services. You’ll get the same personally tailored insights as other test-takers.

Let’s dive deeper into … Read the rest >>