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DNA gift

Did You Get a DNA Test As a Gift? Read This Before You Mail That Sample

Toys, chocolate, flowers, and…DNA tests?

Yes, DNA tests have become surprisingly popular holiday gifts. The way someone would gift you a subscription to a magazine or newspaper, now you can gift someone a chance to find out about their ancestry and health.

If you happened to be on the receiving end of a 23andMe or Ancestry gift, don’t be in a rush to mail back your spit.

DNA Test Gift

There are a few things you need to know first.

1. There’s a Potential Risk to Your Privacy (and Your Family’s Too)

Getting a doctor-ordered DNA test is very different from … Read the rest >>

Protect Your DNA Privacy

How To Protect Your DNA Privacy Before And After Taking A DNA Test

It’s so easy and convenient. You order online, spit in a tube, and send it back for testing.

In a few weeks, you receive your DNA results detailing how your ancestry breaks down or if you’d taken a health test, what diseases you are at risk of.

Even as consumer genealogy DNA tests have gotten popular, not many customers are considering the risk to their privacy when they take a DNA test.

But with reports that some companies share the data with law enforcement (remember the golden state killer case?) and sell it to third parties, it’s time … Read the rest >>

DNA fitness test

What you Need to Know Before Taking a DNA Fitness Test

Since the rise of consumer genetic testing, people getting DNA tests do it for two reasons.

One, tracing their ancestry and discovering unknown family members. Two, finding out if they are at risk of any genetic diseases.

Many people also do it for both reasons.

But the utility of DNA tests has gone beyond ancestry and health testing. Startups and companies have now introduced new forms of testing that they promise will helps us discover even more about ourselves.

One new area of testing that has gotten popular is DNA fitness testing.

The premise is simple: take a … Read the rest >>

Popular DNA Services

Most Popular Follow-On DNA Services Chosen by DNA Test Customers (New Survey)

Consumer DNA testing services like 23andMe and FTDNA have gotten more popular than ever.

As costs have come down, and it feels like every friend and family member has taken a DNA test, more people are sending in their spit to learn more about their ancestry, health, or both.

But these services are not growing alone. Following closely behind are follow-on DNA services like Promethease and GEDmatch that mine additional information from customers’ raw DNA data.

Seeking more Information

genealogy family tree

survey of 1,100 people who had used consumer DNA testing services found that 89% of them had downloaded their raw Read the rest >>

how can genetics help to predict diseases

DNA Testing Companies Launch A New Privacy Coalition

Three DNA testing companies -23andMe, Ancestry, and Helix- have come together to form the Coalition for Genetic Data Protection (CGDP). The alliance’s purpose is to set best practices regarding the handling of DNA information ostensibly.

It’s also meant to coordinate lobbying efforts in Washington at a time when Congress’ scrutiny of the industry is intensifying. The coalition is run by Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas, a prominent Washington DC lobbying firm.

Its objective is to guide lawmakers in Washington on privacy regulations meant for an industry that’s currently enjoying substantial growth.

The coalition’s take on data privacy

Interesting Facts About DNA

DNA testing companies Read the rest >>

Sperm donation

DNA Tests Are Outing Sperm Donors: What This Means

 The booming DTC (direct to consumer) genetic testing industry is causing divided opinions.

On the one hand, some users have happily connected with long lost or unknown relatives after sending their DNA samples.

On the other, more donor-conceived people are using ancestry sites to figure out who their biological parents are. Some have been amazed to learn they have dozens of half-siblings.

Donors who submitted their sperm decades ago under the promise of anonymity are also having to contend with unintended exposure. What does this mean for them, their progeny, sperm banks, DNA testing companies, and other interested parties? Read the rest >>

23andMe health test

23AndMe Launches Program to Collect More Health Data From DNA Test Customers

DNA testing company 23andMe is looking to entrench itself in the healthcare industry further. Having already amassed and a huge database of DNA profiles, it is eager to gather more health data from its millions of users.

The company is expected to collect a user’s medical history, prescription information, and lab results.

You’ll have the chance to submit these details after receiving your DNA results. Initially starting as a beta program, the service will gradually roll out to all of its clients.

Having sold nearly 10 million at-home DNA testing kits, 23andMe hopes to become a more inclusive health tech Read the rest >>

irs tax break 23andme

IRS To Provide Tax Breaks for 23AndMe DNA Test Kit Customers

The tax agency’s decision was first made in May 2019. It allows the purchase of 23andMe kits using pretax dollars held in Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

It’s a significant boost to a company that is already reaping the benefits of having a first-mover advantage. DNA testing kits are riding a vast popularity wave, mostly because of the ancestry services they offer.

Other than ancestry results, 23andMe’s Health + Ancestry Service option offers additional health reports based on your DNA profile. These tell you whether you carry any variant of a genetic condition that might be … Read the rest >>

Bachelorette contestant, Matteo

Sperm Donor Gone Wild? Bachelorette Contestant Admits He’s Fathered 114 Kids

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that a sperm donor father no more than 25 births per a population of 800,000.

But since those are just recommendations, there have been several cases of over-enthusiastic donors.

The most recent one to hit the headlines is that of Bachelorette contestant, Matteo, who claims to have fathered 114 children through frequent sperm donations.

He’s just 25.

Sperm Donation in the US

Bachelorette Contestant 114 Kids

Although sperm banks have been around for decades, they’ve recently witnessed a rise in popularity due to changing socio-cultural norms.

In the past, their services were mainly utilized by married, childless … Read the rest >>

dna fitness testing

Best DNA Test for Fitness & Diet Plans: Which Test Is The Best?

Thinking about getting a DNA test to help with fitness and diet planning?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Consumer DNA testing has exploded in the last few years. More and more people are curious about their heritage and the family secrets their DNA holds.

We are now beginning to use DNA tests to learn more about our health, including genetic diseases we are at risk of and whether we might pass on certain conditions to our children.

But there’s a lot more that a DNA test can uncover beyond your ancestry and health risks.

Fitness and diet DNA testing Read the rest >>