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Best Genealogy Software 2020: Top 6 Picks, Reviews & Guide

Looking for an easy to use genealogy software program to create a family tree?

You’ve come to the right place.     

Genealogy software makes it easy to compile details about your ancestors and map your family tree.

You can create an extensive family tree, add details such as dates, relationships, and locations, attach media including pictures, videos, and document scans, and add information from other online genealogy databases.

While the goal of genealogy programs is similar – compiling and organizing ancestry information into a family tree – they differ in how they go about it.

Some are easier to … Read the rest >>

What’s The Best Ancestry DNA Test for Building Your Family Tree? (2020 Update)

Do You Want to Build Your Family Tree Using Your DNA?

  • Find potential new relatives.
  • Research your family history.
  • Connect your family tree with others.
  • Keep things simple.

Then I recommend AncestryDNA by

ancestrydna ancestry DNA test logo 150x25

  (TIP: discounts are often available on their website)

AncestryDNA Review

Why AncestryDNA is The Best Choice for Building Family Trees

AncestryDNA keeps things simple!

And there’s a lot to like about that.

In business for over ten years, parent company maintains the world’s largest collection of family trees and the most extensive genealogical research data base anywhere. 

With AncestryDNA added to the mix, can now help you identify Read the rest >>

What’s The Best DNA Test for Finding & Confirming Relatives? (2020 Update)

Do You Want to Find & Confirm New Relatives Using Your DNA?

  • Find missing parents and siblings.
  • Connect with cousins from around the world.
  • Confirm new DNA matches using advanced tools.

I recommend Family Finder by FamilyTree DNA.

familytreedna ancestry DNA test logo

FamilyTreeDNA Review

Why Family Finder is the Best Choice For Finding & Confirming Relatives

FamilyFinder offers everything a serious family genealogist would need in a single integrated platform. It was designed specifically to help families find and connect with new relatives around the world, and it does this better than any other DNA test.

Serious amateur genealogists will love FamilyFinder’s international DNA coverage, DNA record import capability, built-in family tree managerRead the rest >>

Family Finder Chromosome browser

FamilyTreeDNA FamilyFinder DNA Test Review (2020 Update)

familytreedna ancestry DNA test logo

Founded in 2000, is the largest company in the world that is 100% dedicated to DNA-based genealogy.

We think Family Tree DNA’s autosomal DNA test, Family Finder, is the most complete package available for amateur and professional genealogists today.

It’s not perfect – no DNA tests we’ve tried are.

But if you only have budget for one test and you’re serious about knowing where you stand, then Family Finder is the one to buy.

FTDNA offers everything a family genealogist needs in a DNA test:

  • access to data from three DNA tests: autosomal, Y/paternal and mtDNA/maternal
  • excellent customer support
  • access to email addresses and
Read the rest >>
AncestryDNA - DNA Menu

AncestryDNA DNA Test Review (2020 Update): How Does It Compare?

ancestry DNA logo

AncestryDNA is known as the most user-friendly service in the genealogy DNA testing business.  

It’s perfect for people who want to research and grow their family tree, but who don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of verifying DNA segments.

AncestryDNA also maintains one of the largest autosomal DNA collections in the world. 

The Most User-Friendly Service

AncestryDNA’s test lab uses the most advanced techniques and equipment in order to measure up to 700,000 points in the human genome, offering an astounding 90% accuracy rate.

Their huge database has one of the most comprehensive collections of genetic signatures available in the whole world. And Read the rest >>

23andMe health test Health & Ancestry DNA Test Review (2020 Update)

23andme ancestry DNA test logo 150x75

April 27, 2017 was a great day for Anne Wojcicki and her team at 23andMe.

The FDA announced that it had reversed its earlier ban one the company’s direct-to-consumer genetic health screening services.

That 2013 ban had severely limited 23andMe’s health testing arm, forcing the company to focus on ancestry DNA testing where they have become on of the biggest names in the industry.

When the moratorium lifted in 2017, they brought back their full health testing service.

Customers can now receive FDA-approved health screening reports detailing their genetic risk for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and ThrombophiliaRead the rest >>

23AndMe Health and Ancestry Reports

23AndMe Ancestry DNA Test Review (2020 Update)

23andme ancestry DNA test logo 150x75

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, is one of the three largest DNA test service providers in the world.

The name of the company comes from the number of chromosomes in the human genome.

Genealogists from all over the world can purchase a kit from one of the three main sites of the company ( US:, CA: or UK: ) to learn about their ancestry, find distant relatives and screen themselves and their relatives for health-related issues. sells two different DNA tests:

  1. an ancestry-only DNA test and
  2. an ancestry+health screen test .

The Company

23AndMe.comRead the rest >>

sibling DNA test buying guide

Best Sibling DNA Test Reviews 2020: Top 8 Picks + Buying Guide

Are you looking for a sibling DNA test to confirm if you share a parent with someone else?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this in-depth buying guide we review and compare the best sibling DNA tests sold today.

Sibling tests come in two types:

  1. dedicated sibling DNA tests designed solely to either legally prove a relationship exists (court-admissable) or for your information; and,
  2. ancestry DNA test kits that can be used to prove a sibling relationship exists but are usually not court-admissable. An ancestry DNA test will also tell you a lot more about your family tree, ethnicity and
Read the rest >>
genealogy family tree

Genealogy 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Family Tree

Want to learn more about your ancestors – who they were, where they lived and where they came from?

If you do, this in-depth genealogy guide is for you.

A lot more tools and resources have become available in recent years, mostly thanks to the internet, that have made tracing your family lineage easier.

But undertaking a genealogy project is still a demanding task that requires time, effort and dedication. Most importantly, you need to get it right. Otherwise, you’ll waste time chasing cold trails.

We wrote this guide to help anyone who wants to learn about their ancestors do … Read the rest >>

DNA Test for Health, Cancer & Disease Screening

Best DNA Test for Health, Cancer & Disease Screening

Looking for a reputable DNA health test?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this in-depth buying guide, we review the best DNA tests for health, cancer, and disease screening.

These include popular tests for genetic predisposition and carrier status as well as niche tests for fitness, nutrition, and skincare, among other things.

What’s On This Page?

Unless you are a geneticist, genetic health testing is a broad and complicated field that’s hard to understand.

It doesn’t help that dozens of companies have come up offering a wide range of genetic health testing services.

On this page, we explain everything Read the rest >>

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