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What’s The Best DNA Test for Finding & Confirming Relatives? (2020 Update)

Do You Want to Find & Confirm New Relatives Using Your DNA?

  • Find missing parents and siblings.
  • Connect with cousins from around the world.
  • Confirm new DNA matches using advanced tools.

I recommend Family Finder by FamilyTree DNA.

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Price: $79-99
FamilyTreeDNA Review

Why Family Finder is the Best Choice For Finding & Confirming Relatives

FamilyFinder offers everything a serious family genealogist would need in a single integrated platform. It was designed specifically to help families find and connect with new relatives around the world, and it does this better than any other DNA test.

Serious amateur genealogists will love FamilyFinder’s international DNA coverage, DNA record import capability, built-in family tree manager and native chromosome mapper. For larger projects (see example), no other service comes close to the level of support and tools that FTDNA offers.

FamilyFinder is also the only service that provides the private email address of each new match. This means you can establish private conversations with FTDNA’s responsive community of genetic genealogy enthusiasts.

If you’ve previously tested with another DNA service and want to extend your research, then you are in luck. Because FamilyFinder is the only vendor that lets you import DNA data from other services

Using FamilyTreeDNA’s FREE data upload feature, you can see if there are any new DNA matches waiting for you in their huge international DNA database that’s growing in size by 10,000s of people every month (Note: to connect with or verify matches, you’ll have to pay a fee).

If your family lives in several countries today, then FamilyTreeDNA is a great choice. People from over 200 countries have contributed DNA to their database.

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