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What’s The Best Ancestry DNA Test for Building Your Family Tree? (2020 Update)

Do You Want to Build Your Family Tree Using Your DNA?

  • Find potential new relatives.
  • Research your family history.
  • Connect your family tree with others.
  • Keep things simple.

Then I recommend AncestryDNA by Ancestry.com.

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Price: $99

  (TIP: discounts are often available on their website)

AncestryDNA Review

Why AncestryDNA is The Best Choice for Building Family Trees

AncestryDNA keeps things simple!

And there’s a lot to like about that.

In business for over ten years, parent company Ancestry.com maintains the world’s largest collection of family trees and the most extensive genealogical research data base anywhere. 

With AncestryDNA added to the mix, Ancestry.com can now help you identify potential new relatives using your autosomal DNA.

Using their proprietary “leaf” alert system, AncestryDNA will automatically inform you when there is a new potential relative found in their DNA database. They offer unique tools that will help you triangulate and map your family trees with others, assuming the trees aren’t locked by the either party.

We love AncestryDNA’s user interface and their attempt to keep things as simple as possible.

That said, AncestryDNA does not offer a chromosome mapping tool, so you’ll have to purchase that separately if you want to verify your potential matches.

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